Digital Information Display System ( Digital Citizen Charter Software)

Started since 2067, we have already worked on several display solution for government and non government sectors. We specialize in interactive signage solutions that envolves keypad navigation or touch feedback for acquiring informaiton about the organization or services.



The most common version of Information Display System  which we prefer calling Digital Information Display System (DIDS), Digital Citizen Charter, Digital Nagarik Badapatra Digital Help Desk, Digital Signage Solution, Interactive Signage, डिजिटल नागरिक वडापत्र, डिजिटल सूचना सम्प्रेसन प्रणाली , डिजिटल हेल्प डेस्क, Digital Information Display System with Audio and Video or Interactive Digital Information Display system is the one that has a numeric keypad for navigating information between different topics on the screen.

In search of such a Digital Information Display Solution which is cheap, affordable and most importantly user friendly and effective for the organization we have spent almost five years exploring every possible option that would enable us to display information systematically on the screen and at the same time make it possible for managing information in the system seamlessly by any staffs in the organization with minimum technical knowledge.

We came with a solution that involves cheapest (but reliable) of the televisions, cheapest of the computers and few other components like numeric keypad which added so much value to the world of Digital Information Display.

Later we worked in few touchscreen display units in order to achieve better user experience and those attempts were always highly appreciated.

Still at ProActive we work on Digital Information Display System as our major project and continually improve the software experience with real time research from the places we have deployed our system.

Interactive Digital Information Display System (Digital Nagarik Badapatra) in Government Offices (बिभिन्न सरकारी निकायमा जडान गरिएका डिजिटल नागरिक वडापत्र)