Dymamic Digital Citizen Charter with Audio

Turn your TV, Signage, Touch Screen based Interactive Boards and KIOSK and Android Tablets to an Advanced Interactive Information Center to dissemenate information about your services, products, videos, members and other information with efficiency

यो पृष्ठ नेपालीमा पढ्न यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोस

The first to start the development of Dynamic Digital Citizen Charter Software and Hardware solution in Nepal, we at ProActive develop the most useful and versatile DIDS software (Touch / Keypad Interaction) with a very easy content management system that can manage information in not only your office but all your branches and subordinate offices.



With this Digital Citizen Charter Organizations can easily display their Citizen Charter (Information about all the services and procedures to receive them), Notice, Employees and Officials Info, Data Visualization in the form of Charts for their progress and other numerical statistics, Video Content, Information about Programs and Budgets, Information about branches and subordinate offices or any information they feel necessary to publish for the general public all in one place. 

Centralized Access with Independent User Management

Centralized Access with Independent User Management

Seamless Access Across All Branches and Main Office! For offices with multiple branches like Municipalities, Banks and more, our Digital Citizen Charter Software offers centralized access with independent user management for all ward/branch offices. Also common contents can be shared accross branches while still keeping the content in each branch office unique.

Multiple Platform Support (Android, Linux, Mac)

For Digital Citizen Charter (डिजिटल नागरिक बडापत्र / Nagarik Badapatra) to run smoothly across all types of KIOSK, Smartboard, Smart TVs and LED TVs we have developed our solution for all platforms. We have solutions for Android, Web, Windows, Mac or Linux such that there is no any limitations on the type of display to choose.

Dymamic Digital Citizen Charter with Audio
Digital Citizen Charter of Smartboard

Interactive Touch Panel Based Citizen Charter

Our Digital Citizen Charter is well-suited for your interactive touch displays (Interactive Smart White Board / Interactive Tablet) to provide touch-based interactive access to information from your customers. Its large and crisp display helps you beautifully present textual, pictorial or video information. Your customers can navigate through the information they need with the touch of their finger and proceed to receive service equipped with all necessary information beforehand. Buy our software for your Interactive Smart Board or get the whole bundle of hardware and software purchased from us; the choice is yours.

Interactive KIOSK Based Digital Citizen Charter

Add elegance at the entrance of your organization while providing all the information regarding your services and other information to the citizen/customers in a beautiful and very useful floor standing KIOSK using our Digital Citizen Charter (Digital Information Display System Software). This is one of the most elegant implementation for any information center where customers/citizen can comfortably nagivatte between information provided on the display with the touch of their finger. Government Organizations, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Automobile Showrooms and many other organizations can get great deal of advantage with our KIOSK based DIDS.

Dymamic Digital Citizen Charter with Audio
Numeric Keypad Based Digital Citizen Charter on Television

Numeric Keypad Based Digital Citizen Charter on Television

Turn a basic Television to an advanced information center using our Digital Citizen Charter Software. Additionally we setup a keypad based navigation for nagivating between different information published on the citizen charter. You basically have no limitation to how much information you can present in a simple television, be it video, image or textual content.

Smart Audio Feature (English / Nepali)

With text-to-speech features built into the application, you can have your service information read aloud by our Digital Citizen Charter Software in both Nepali and English Language.

Dymamic Digital Citizen Charter with Audio
Multiple Language Support (English & Nepali)

Multiple Language Support (English & Nepali)

You can manage your content in English and Nepali Language in this Digital Citizen Charter. It is also possible to manage and display information in your local language if you wish to.

Versatile Application with Multiple Layouts that helps you get the most out of your Display Unit in any type of organization

Its versatility and rich features makes it first choice of Display Application for Municipalities and other Government Offices, Automobile Showrooms, Banks, Cooperatives, Schools, Colleges, Tourist Destinations and more. You may take advantage of multiple layouts provided with it.

Dymamic Digital Citizen Charter with Audio

Digital Information Display System to display Services, Sections, Members and Notices at Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal

Interactive Digital Citizen Charter at Nagarjun Municipality on KIOSK

Interactive Smart Board based Digital Citizen Charter at FCGO

Kiosk Based Digital Citizen Charter

KIOSK Based Digital Citizen Charter in Nepal, Nagarjun

Interactive Smart Board Based Digital Citizen Charter at MOIAL, Province 1, Nepal

Mukhyamantri Karyalaya, Hetauda, Digital Citizen Charter

Digital Notice Board

Thaha Municipality, Digital Citizen Charter

Digital Notice Board, Citizen Charter Thaha Nagarpalika.

Digital Nagarik Badapatra, Kathmandu District Administration Office

Dao Kathmandu, Digital Nagarik Badapatra (Citizen Charter)

Chitwan - Bharatpur Metropolitan City - Digital Citizen Charter (Nagarik Badapatra)

Data Visualization - MLTO Kathmandu

DIgital Citizen Charter - DAO Bhaktapur

ETC - Digital Notice Board and Citizen Charter in Nepal