Interactive KIOSK Based Digital Citizen Charter

Add elegance at the entrance of your organization while providing all the information regarding your services and other information to the citizen/customers in a beautiful and very useful floor standing KIOSK using our Digital Citizen Charter (Digital Information Display System Software). This is one of the most elegant implementation for any information center where customers/citizen can comfortably nagivatte between information provided on the display with the touch of their finger. Government Organizations, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Automobile Showrooms and many other organizations can get great deal of advantage with our KIOSK based DIDS.

Digital KIOSK Based Digital Citizen Charter (Digital Nagarik Badapatra), by far, has been the most user-friendly and convenient implementation of any information display system for the comfort of the touch of a finger to navigate between information displayed on the KIOSK (A large digital touchscreen tablet usually of 43 Inches or 32 Inches, oriented in the most human interaction friendly stand). 

Government Offices (Including Metropolitan Cities, municipalities, rural municipalities, ministries, district administration offices and other citizen oriented offices), Malls, Cinema Halls, Hospitals and several organizations increasingly use Digital KIOSK to display and gather information to and from their customers/citizens. 

While a digital KIOSK is just a piece of hardware but nothing, our Digital Information Display System - DIDS that is used as Digital Citizen Charter (डिजिटल नागरिक बडापत्र / Digital Nagarik Badapatra), a Digital Help Desk or a Digital Information Center makes the most out of the hardware and gives soul to the elegant tablet.

We have developed and designed the Digital Citizen Charter (डिजिटल नागरिक वडापत्र सफ्टवेयर) with very special attention to details regarding the operations of Municipalities, the services they provide to their citizen and the type of citizen who visits those offices for receiving service which results to the most useful and efficient version of digital information centre packed into a device as small as this. 


Centralized System : Collaborative Control for Metropolitan Cities (महानगरपालिका), Municipalities (नगरपालिका) and Rural Municipalities (गाउँपालिका)

Metropolitan Cities, Municipalities and Rural Municipalities provide most of their services from their ward offices, which makes the ward offices the default place to have more citizens visiting for service. Instead of having a different set of hardware and software for each ward offices you can install our software centrally in the server in the main office or some central location and serve content to INTERACTIVE DIGITAL KIOSK, INTERACTIVE DIGITAL SIGNAGE, INTERACTIVE SMART BOARD or TELEVISIONS across all ward offices and main office through the same server. While, we have found few implementations where the same set of content is served to the display system in all ward offices, which is not a very good practice as different ward offices of municipalities and rural municipalities would like to display different sets of information, notice and details about the service based on their locality, population and geography, those ward offices can display a specially tailored set of content for their particular office while still being able to share common information regarding services that they provide.

Digital KIOSK Based Digital Citizen Charter

KIOSK based digital nagarik badapatra

KIOSK मा नागार्जुन नगरपालिका मा डिजिटल नागरिक वडापत्र